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industrial and commercial shelving

Industrial & commercial wire shelving

Our industrial and commercial wire shelving systems and products stand up under the heaviest loads.

Strong and sturdy industrial wire shelving

Shop heavy-duty industrial shelving, chrome wire carts, stationary wire security units and mobile wire security carts, wire shelving parts and accessories by Simply Metal. Browse examples from our wide range of industrial and commercial wire shelving products.

01 Collapsible wire container

Designed for rigidness and stacking, the wire container's collapsible design allows for efficient storage and transportation. 

02 Epoxy wire shelving

Ideal for wet or corrosive environments, our Epoxy wire shelving is strong and functional. 

03 Roll pallet container cage

Make transporting easy in an industrial setting with our roll pallet container cage. 

04 Slanted chrome plated wire shelving cart

Maximize visibility and provide easy access for merchandise and warehouse picking with this wire shelving cart. 

05 Slanted chrome plated wire shelving cart

Keep your industrial space organized and your items accessible with our chrome plated wire shelving cart.  

06 SMT reel shelving rack

Store and dispense cables, wires, ropes, and chains from an SMT reel rack. 

07 Stainless steel flat shelving

Commercial grade and convenient flat shelving provide an anti-rust and anti-corrosion space. 

08 Stainless steel food grade commercial work table

A stainless steel work table - ideal for food preparation in restaurants, butcher shops and commercial kitchens!

09 Vented polymer removable shelving system

Allow airflow and easy cleaning with our vented polymer removable shelving system. 

industrial and commercial shelving
“Now I have "Ozze" in our local market not only for stationery and office supplies but also for shelving systems. I am glad that the Simply Metal team helped me with this. They are my trusted partner from China.”
Balondi Maripe Director of Royal Gala Group & Ozziyrips Investment (PTY) Ltd

Commercial wire shelving systems and units

  • Chrome wire shelving units
  • Chrome wire shelves
  • Wire shelving accessories
  • Chrome wire carts
  • Slanted wire shelving and carts
  • Galvanized solid shelf units
  • Enclosed wire shelving carts
  • Chrome wire basket units
  • Wire security shelving units and carts
  • Stainless steel wire shelving

Commercial & industrial wire shelving explained

Wire shelving has become one of the most popular storage systems for consumers and industrial users. With a storage capacity of 600-800 pounds per shelf, wire shelving can help organize any storage area.

Can you explain the popularity of chrome wire shelving systems? The ever-popular chrome wire shelf is perfect for any type of dry storage. Chrome wire shelving is by far the most popular wire shelving we offer because it is easy to assemble without tools!
Why do laboratories prefer stainless steel wire shelving? Stainless steel wire shelving is the ultimate storage system for laboratories, clean rooms and hospital areas where rust or corrosion is a problem.
When to choose epoxy wire shelving products? Green, gray and black epoxy is a wonderful storage system that can be used in any wet or damp environment. Our epoxy finish has a 15-year warranty against rust or corrosion.
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Your partner in commercial & industrial wire shelving

Wire shelving, chrome wire carts, stationary wire security units and mobile wire security carts, wire shelving parts and accessories by Simply Metal.