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We make custom wire shelving systems and storage products for your brand.

Custom made wire shelving products

We provide custom wire shelving and rack systems to work for your space. From a commercial enterprise to an industrial warehouse, we custom-build to fit your space and unique needs. 

01 Customized Wire Cart

Wire cart is a versatile and specialized piece of equipment designed to address various material handling and transportation needs in industrial, commercial, and even domestic settings

02 Security Container

Enclosure Wire container is a specialized and highly secure storage and transportation solution designed to protect valuable or sensitive items while providing visibility and accessibility.

03 Stainless steel work tables and workbenches

Stainless steel work tables and workbenches are versatile and durable pieces of equipment that find extensive use in various professional and industrial settings, as well as in residential kitchens and workshops.

“Now I have "Ozze" in our local market not only for stationery and office supplies but also for shelving systems. I am glad that the Simply Metal team helped me with this. They are my trusted partner from China.”
Balondi Maripe Director of Royal Gala Group & Ozziyrips Investment (PTY) Ltd

Custom wire shelving systems

  • Storage solutions with quality custom wire racking
  • Commercial custom wire shelving systems
  • Industrial-grade rolling carts
  • NSF-certified custom shelving units
  • Custom wire racking for healthcare facilities
  • ODM wire shelving 
  • OEM wire rack shelving


ODM & OEM explained

What is ODM? ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturing and allows for "private labeling" so brands can sell an existing product under their label.
What is OEM? OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing. An OEM product is designed by a company and manufactured by another. 

Your partner for custom shelving systems from China

You can start selling our shelves and racks in your local market tomorrow!