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Healthcare storage & medical shelving

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Excellent medical shelving products and solutions for medical facilities, clinics, dentists, and more. 

Medical carts and storage equipment

Simply Metal offers a variety of wire shelving and storage products designed specifically for healthcare and medical environments. These include catheter carts, clothing racks, bottle transport carts and more. Below you will find examples from our wide range of medical wire shelving and storage products.

01 Hygiene shelving rack

Our medical shelving racks keep hygiene items organized and handy. The rollable cart allows for easy mobility. 

02 Medical basket shelving

Medical basket shelving allows for easy and quick access to needed items. 

03 Catheter procedure cart

This catheter holding and storage cart provides organized storage while allowing quick access to pre-packaged catheters. Ideal for central care centers and operating rooms.

04 Wire security shelving truck

Keep medical supplies accessible but secure with a wire security shelf on wheels. 

05 Wire basket shelving

Optimize space and efficiency with mobile wire basket shelving. The open wire design allows for proper airflow around the stored products. 

06 NSF

NSF-certified medical shelving provides the specialized storage solution that medical facilities need. 

07 Nimble single bay storage unit

This medical shelf unit combines wire shelving and a basket shelf system for the ultimate medical storage solution. Features fine mesh wiring for the smallest of objects. 

08 Medical wire utility cart

Non-corrosive surgical case cart for transporting and delivering surgical instrument packages from the OR supply center to the operating room. The surface is made of 304 stainless steel.

09 Medical tray rack

This instrument tray rack can hold 8 trays or 4 trays with covers. It is adjustable to hold trays, tubs and cassettes. Stainless steel, chrome plated.

“Now I have "Ozze" in our local market not only for stationery and office supplies but also for shelving systems. I am glad that the Simply Metal team helped me with this. They are my trusted partner from China.”
Balondi Maripe Director of Royal Gala Group & Ozziyrips Investment (PTY) Ltd

Healthcare storage & medical shelving units

  • Catheter procedure cart
  • Shelving supply carts
  • Stainless steel open case cart
  • Slanted shelf rack
  • Lab security cart
  • Stainless steel carts for labs and clean rooms
  • Linen exchange/transport cart
  • Many header- / footer-layouts and loads of easy-to-use modules

Medical & handling shelving explained

What is medical shelving? Medical shelving helps keep medical facilities, clinics, dentist offices, and healthcare centers more organized and secure. Simply Metal offers medical shelving and storage solutions that maximize space, efficiency, and security in a healthcare setting. 
What make medical storage systems different from regular storage solutions? Accordion description i

Your partner in medical wire shelving systems

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