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Your wire shelving and wire racking storage solution partner

We provide quality wire shelving and wire racking storage solutions to businesses around the world. From commercial-grade steel to modern home designs, our solutions are creative, innovative, efficient, and designed to last. 


More than just standard wire shelving products

Our product line has evolved into a variety of product categories including advanced polymer shelving, medical and specialty carts, storage cabinets, heated cabinets, high density shelving, wall shelving systems, stainless products and more.

But Simply Metal offers you more than standard wire shelving solutions. We also provide custom design and production, ODM & OEM to tailor the products to your local market needs.

03 Medical & Handling
03 Medical & Handling
  • 01 Home & Office
  • 02 Commercial & Industrial
  • 03 Medical & Handling
  • 04 ODM & OEM

Home & office wire shelving

We design and manufacture products for your home, office and home office including single ped desks, fabric drawers, printer stands and more.

By combining aesthetically pleasing designs with functionality, Simply Metal brings storage solutions and workspaces without sacrificing precious floor space. 

Commercial & industrial storage units

Simply Metal provides the best wire shelving and storage solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors. From chrome wire carts, stationary wire security units and mobile wire security carts, Simply Metal provides the heavy-duty organizational and commercial grade wire shelving that your company needs. 

Medical storage and handling shelving

 If you are searching for cost-effective and space-saving shelving solutions for hospitals and medical facilities, Simply Metals is your solution. Find quality and commercial grade non-corrosive metal shelves, security cages, operation room carts, and more.



ODM & OEM shelving solutions

Simply Metal is a leading provider of ODM and OEM wire shelving systems and storage solutions. Our experience in the industry positions us as a trusted business partner that offers innovation and reliability. Contact us today for your custom wire shelving and storage needs. 


Our product applications

We are Simply Metal, a maker of quality wire shelves and racks at an affordable price. We sell our products through a fast-growing number of dealers worldwide. We provide our dealers with quality products, solid margins, and superior marketing support. You can start selling our shelves and racks in your local market tomorrow! In addition to this, we also serve large businesses directly from China.

We put our products to work in application-specific solutions that ensure foodservice, healthcare, industrial, laboratory and food professionals have the right tools for the job.

Our wire shelving and storage solution customers


Innovation in wire shelving

Browse our blog for the latest news in the industry and helpful information about storage solutions.

China's leading metal wire shelving manufacturer

We sell to large businesses directly from China, as well as to dealers around the world. We are looking for new local dealers! Join our team by becoming a dealer of wire shelving and productivity solutions. Simply Metal has over 15 years of manufacturing and exporting experience. Trusted by customers around the world, we invite you to join in the exciting adventure of bringing organized, efficient, and productive spaces to life with versatile pieces.  

Production Capacity As a top class wire rack manufacturer, our factory is equipped with 11 automatic gantry machines, and our annual production is 1,500 containers.
Affordable Prices High production efficiency and low overhead costs, as well as price advantages for raw materials through bulk purchasing, make us more competitive.
Guaranteed Quality All the products we sell are of guaranteed quality. We know that price is important, but good quality is a magic weapon to retain customers.
Full Support & Service From pre-sales, communications and design to manufacturing and after-sales service, we are always trying to go beyond the basic expectations of a single service and offer more options.