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Royal Gala Group from Botswana
Mar 20, 2022 3:26:27 AM 1 min read

Customer Review - Royal Gala Group, Botswana

The trusted supply partner from China

How Ozziyrips Investment (PTY) Ltd built a good new local brand reputation and get extra 5% business market shares after cooperating with Simply Metal Products Co., ltd in 2 years


In long-distance cooperation, such as international trade, quality and price are indeed very important, but first and foremost is credibility, which should be the most important prerequisite for all buyers.

Supplier fraud or vendor fraud is a challenge that more and more small businesses face every year. And large corporations aren’t immune to these challenges either. In 2019, both Google and Facebook fell victim to the type of invoice fraud described above—to the tune of $123 million in stolen funds.

Vendor fraud can wreak havoc on your supply chain, and your profitability, and in extreme cases, could even cause your business to collapse. Due to the risks, it’s critical that get a trustworthy supplier. Fortunately, I a glad to find Simply as my long-term partner, and I myself benefit from it.


Never done international trade, I am inexperienced in this area, but for a tender business I need to resolve trust and professional issues in a short time.



Our cooperation began in 2014. My impression of them is that they are trustworthy, respond quickly and efficiently, and have a high degree of cooperation, they kept me updated of important steps, they proposed that we need a 3rd party inspection before balance payment, everything was going fast, finally they helped me win the high-density storage shelving project of our local government project.

Next, as i have a successful story on international business trade, I want to purchase other related products. i asked help from them to select and verify suitable suppliers, as well as responsible for arranging and coordinating the transportation and shipping of goods between different regions, which really saves me a lot of time and expense.



Now i have “Ozze” in our local market not only for storage shelving systems but also for other stationary & office items.

I'm glad that the Simply team helped me do it they are my partner in China

Balondi Maripe --Director of Royal Gala Group & Ozziyrips Investment (PTY) Ltd