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Simply Metal Marketing Team Dec 15, 2023 8:00:00 PM 2 min read

Mastering Mobility: A Guide to Picking the Perfect Casters for Your Wire Shelving!

Rolling Right: How to choose the correct casters

Various Material wheels to meet your needs

Are you tired of struggling with your wire shelving units that don't quite roll the way you need them to? We have the solution you've been searching for! Our latest email explores the diverse world of wire shelving wheels, offering insights into the characteristics of commonly used casters, namely Rubber, PVC, TPR, and Nylon

Rubber Casters

Rubber casters are known for their excellent shock absorption and traction, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They provide a smooth and quiet rolling experience, making them perfect for various surfaces. However, they might wear out faster on rough terrain.

rubber caster


PVC Casters

PVC casters are lightweight and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for light-duty applications. They are resistant to chemicals, oils, and water, ensuring durability. However, they might not provide the best traction on certain surfaces.



Nylon Casters

Nylon casters are highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. They are non-marking and provide excellent mobility on smooth surfaces. Nylon casters are lightweight, making them easy to maneuver. However, they may not perform well on uneven or rough terrain.

nylon caster


TPR Casters

Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) casters combine the best of rubber and plastic. They offer excellent shock absorption, noise reduction, and floor protection. TPR casters are versatile and suitable for various environments. However, they may have a slightly higher cost compared to other options.

TPR caster


Stem & Screw casters




Stem caster - most common& popular and easy to assemble

stem caster




Screw caster - need to screw on the post

screw caster-2


How to choose the suitable caster size?

Generally speaking, the larger the wheel size, the easier it is for the shelf to move. The maximum size is 5 inches.



If you want to know the characteristics of different wheels directly




When shelving needs to be mobile and easy to manoeuvre even under heavy weight castors are the perfect solution. Easy to fit with braked and un-braked castors, not only is shelving safe to move but also gives stability when required.




How to build a custom wire shelving unit for home storage. Choose the right size and style of shelves and design, add casters or leveling feet, and accessorize the unit with various options. For Home Decor, wire shelving is a versatile and affordable solution.

Simply Wire Shelving offers a wide range of customizable solutions that fits your budget and requirement. We supply globally from our own factory and provide advanced engineering, QA services, OEM and cooperative agreements with other factories in our area that will meet your needs.

We use continual improvement methods of manufacturing. Using input from the floor, customer's specifications and in-house engineering to get you a better product.

Making sure you get:

  • Fast and nimble response to your requests.
  • The best service and prices on the market. 
  • 100% guaranteed in-house QA for any product delivered.


By understanding the unique demands of home shelving and implementing innovative storage solutions, you can insure a safe and efficient home decor catalog.